Klaas Wierenga

A strong NREN, like CEDIA, is key to a flourishing research and innovation sector!

César Guevara

The process of Divulga Ciencia was totally professional, clear and very efficient.

Ronnie Nader

Research in science and technology is not a sport, it is not a football game where you win and lose, in this there is no word 'failure', that is for those who play to win or lose and here we are not playing, here we are constantly working and researching and the only failure is to stop doing it.

Sang Guun Yoo

The support provided by CEDIA, economic, technological, and human, is of great value, and will surely help improve the results of the research processes.

Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev

The only way we can be internationally competitive is by developing solid research processes that allow us to generate advances in different areas of both, production and scientific innovation.

Omar Santiago Alvarado Cando

We should trust in the capabilities of Ecuadorian researchers. From each of our research centers we can perform science and solve problems in our society.

Juan Carlos Salamea Molina

Red CEDIA has come a long way and has clear goals in terms of research, networks, support, and training.

Germán Vicente Arévalo Bermeo

I have benefited from programs such as Divulga Ciencia, CEPRA and CECIRA to carry out activities and to materialise ideas and projects that have been developed out thanks to the invaluable support of CEDIA through these programs.

Alex X. Jerves

Scientific research, technology, and innovation are the only answer and solution for society, humanity, and for our country to face its problems, challenges, and evils.

Jenny Gabriela Torres Olmedo

CEDIA is an alternative to the development of research and academia in Ecuador. Its processes are agile, which allows research to be unhindered by the excessive administrative processes that sometimes exist in academic institutions.

Juan Carlos Ocampo

It is motivating to know that more and more research is being promoted and carried out in Ecuador and through CEDIA.

José Ramón González

What we have developed is an ecosystem of solutions to solve the approach of digital education.

Yolanda Aucapiña

CEDIA is an institution that helps research projects by financing them, which has greatly supported this field.

Aramis Sánchez

Through CEDIA I meet several fellow researchers and we learn about what everyone else does, we invite each other to events. There is a greater and better interaction between researchers.

César Zambrano

A very sincere thanks to the executive director and to the Red CEDIA team, they do an extraordinary job. I hope we can continue working together for several more years.