Streaming service for institutional radio by our members.


CEDIA offers its members the streaming service within the site

The source of transmission (emitter), is where the mix of music, audio, interviews, etc. is made. It transmits live to the CEDIA server, which is within the national cloud. Once the source streaming arrives at the server, this is the one that allows the connection of all the clients through the commercial and advanced networks, so the public IP address used in the transmission of the member's radio will be a IP belonging to CEDIA.

The service is offered by CEDIA through the platform called ICECAST, allowing several institutions to connect to it, and each one transmits using a different address.

It must be noted that each member must subsequently publish the streaming within their own informative website (website hosting is not part of the radio service) using their own tools or additional plugins depending on their own website. Because the resources offered are owned by CEDIA, but the transmission is generated by the institution, thus a legal download document is required.

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