Computation resources in the CEDIA datacenter used by researchers to produce information or publish their research.

This platform allows the supply of virtual servers to facilitate the work of researchers from the member institutions of CEDIA.

The private Cloud of CEDIA allows the installation and deployment of different IT services, which are accessed through the Advanced Network or commercial Internet, without the researchers having to worry about their administration or security, optimizing time and resources.


Research Cloud: This is the computing cloud for CEPRA research projects. The authors of accepted projects can request computing and storage capacities in the CEDIA cloud.

Institutional Cloud: Each CEDIA member institution, according to the contracted plan, has computing and storage capabilities. You can review these capabilities in the CEDIA benefits chart.

laaS (Infrastructure as a Service): Facilitates the use of a virtual computer with the required features, be it the amount of CPU, RAM, or storage in the Hard Disk, among others. In this way, a virtual server is created where different applications can be installed that would take days on a normal computer.


  • Improved connectivity and speed.
  • The infrastructure is supported by backup electric power, storage, backups, immediate response systems to failures and contingency sites.
  • Researchers can install software or store information related to CEPRA projects, financed by Red CEDIA.
  • Institutions can request hardware or software as a service (Dspace, federations, laaS, SaaS, among others), on demand and at an additional cost.

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