Response team to security incidents.

CSIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) is a security incident response team that receives, reviews, and responds to reports and activities.
It improves the quality of traffic in the networks of member institutions of the Red CEDIA, as well as security in them, and decreases the security incidents caused by configuration failures.


Red CEDIA receives information about computer security incidents that occurred from and to the networks of its members. It creates and maintains a system for receiving, processing, and sending alerts to institutions. Communication is also coordinated with other CSIRTs within the country and abroad, since the CIRIA Network CSIRT is internationally recognized. A knowledge base is created with suggestions and procedures to solve problems, thus preparing the documentation on the secure installation of servers.
In a preventive manner, the member networks are checked to detect vulnerabilities in their systems and prevent their exploitation.

More information at: https://csirt.cedia.org.ec

Or contact: noc@cedia.org.ec