Digital communication channel of the member institutions of CEDIA.

It is a digital news service that provides facilities for institutional communication to CEDIA members. It allows the administration of centralized information from the communication departments, one of its advantages being the feeding with external information sources.

cd UCuenca

  • It works as a news viewer in text format that includes images or videos.
  • It allows each faculty or agency to publish local news or choose the RSS feeds of their choice.


Its architecture is simple and dynamic. RSS feeds work as sources of information whether external (CNN, BBC, etc.) or internal (information registered in the platform) to the institution.

arquitectura cd

The server virtualized in CEDIA will register all the RSS feeds of the institutions and consolidate them within their system. The clients (screens) are connected by tunnels, which when correctly configured by the administrator, will present the information (news).


The configuration is made from CEDIA, in this way it is clear for the end user. Each institution can configure its own information sources or channels to which they are subscribed. In this way they autonomously and responsibly generate the information that will be presented on their screens. Once the information of interest has been registered in the platform, said information will be presented in a matter of minutes.

Information registration system: 

  1. Log in with the assigned username and password.
  2. Access the corresponding menu of your entity.
  3. Record the information.

cd login


The Digital Billboard is an appropriate way to present information about the events of the institution, as well as a direct channel from CEDIA to its members, and also allow feedback on the information. By this means it is possible to present activities, academic offers, scholarships, research, services, and many other aspects that contribute to the "involvement and sense of belonging" of teachers, researchers, and students with respect to each institution.

One of the benefits is the presentation of multimedia content, videos, and images.

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cd video

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