A package of services to analyze perimeter and internal security vulnerabilities.

"It is a package of services that will allow members of CEDIA to analyze perimeter and internal security vulnerabilities, both in the network infrastructure and in their servers."


It has three key elements for the detection of threats and vulnerabilities:

Nessus: The most widely deployed vulnerability scanner for extensive and deep explorations of networks, systems, data, and applications. It satisfies the needs of internal network scanning for PCI (Security Standards Council).

Passive Vulnerability Scanner: Monitors network traffic in real time to detect new hosts, services, protocols, and applications that compromise security and compliance violations.

Log correlation engine: This collects user activity data to detect network malware and security infrastructure, network traffic, isolate threats and compliance issues.

It is possible to detect malicious activities at the internal and perimeter network levels of the institution that implements the platform. Network traffic can also be monitored through the passive vulnerability scanner. Through this service all vulnerabilities, security holes, updates, and recommended patches in network systems and servers are identified.

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